Music Videos

Thirsty Curses has created an impressive library of music videos, primarily directed by Thirsty Curses bass player/videographer Clayton Herring. Thirsty Curses’ music videos have been universally praised and several have been screened at film festivals.

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“Bruises On Your Shoulders” (2020)
Winner of Best in Festival at the Broadcast Education Association’s 2021 Festival of Media Arts;
Runner up at 2021 Richmond International Film Festival.
“Jenny” (2022)
“One of These Days/Nothing Really Matters” (2021)
“Punk Rock Ruined My Life” (2023)
“Smash/Hit” (2020)
Made in association with FireStar Wrestling (Greensboro, NC)
“A Baptist & a Rabbi” (2022)
Starring celebrity psychic Gary Spivey
“Racing Through the Daze” (2020)
“Tell Me the Truth” (2022)
Taken from 2021 tour footage
“Exile” (2018)
“Dimlit Cathedral” (2018)

“Holy Moly” (2017)
“Whistlepig” (2022)
“Neon Sign” (2017)
Taken from footage during 2017 tour

“Holly Jolly Christmas” (2019)