Side Projects

Wilson Getchell – Banned from Barflys (2024)

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Backed by exceptional songwriting and a singular concept, “Banned From Barflys” fires on all cylinders, delivering a compelling and immersive listening experience from start to finish. With its unique blend of narrative-driven lyricism and raw musicality, this album earns two thumbs up and solidifies Getchell as a talent to celebrate.” –Recording Artists Guild

“Getchell’s voice has never sounded better, and the lyrics articulately express frustration, confusion and regret putting you right at the bar with a cast of memorable characters.” –Punktuation

“With unique arty, Eels/Beck-esque vocals, hypnotic and simple instrumentation, ‘NICE GIRLS’ becomes a curious, intriguing listen, delivering a captivating musical journey that showcases Getchell’s versatility and creative prowess.” –ClickRollBoom

Wilson Getchell – This to That (2023)

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Wilson Getchell has been in numerous bands over the years, and also releases music under his own name.  In October 2023, Wilson released a five song EP, This to That….

This To That is a great EP that above all else displays some very solid songwriting. Each track presents a unique facet of Getchell’s creative vision, resulting in a collection that is cohesive and enjoyable. From start to finish, this EP delivers.” –Broken Color Blog

“…this one started good and just got better and better.  See for yourself!” –Pitch Perfect

“The EP starts out with a brief dog bark before embarking on the piano ballad “Brand New Nintendo” which finds a way to be far more poignant and emotional than its title suggests. “This Might Just Take Some Time” is a more guitar-based track with a really fun and funky beat. Then “Trauma Queen” seems to combine the styles of the previous songs by creating a jaunty, spirited piano-based tune. “Filthy Straight Nights” pulls out the acoustic guitar for a surprisingly lively folk song. Finally “Are You Still There?” is another gorgeous piano ballad to end the EP the same way it began.” –New Noise Magazine

“The five songs on the record showcase Getchell’s songwriting talents and musical versatility as they run the spectrum from seriously sophisticated (“This Just Might Take Some Time”) to courageously silly songcraft (“Brand New Nintendo”) all backed by a meaningful expert musical palette complete with sultry sax and passionate piano. You’re going wanting to pay attention to this one!!!” –Rockin’ Rich Lynch

‘Trauma Queen’ is a majestic, swinging cabaret-like track with a charming uptempo tone and toe-tapping energy. The beautiful instrumentation, featuring sparkling keys and a deep, resilient sax, add a rich backdrop to the lush, harmonious tone of the vocals. It’s a captivating little ditty that draws influence from contemporary folk while incorporating 50’s swing and hints of classic rock rawness. –ClickRollBoom

The Whiskey Decision – Slow Horse (2005)

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The Whiskey Decision consisted of Wilson Getchell, Jordan Skeen, and Pat Tighe, along with drummers Pat Schowe and David Swain.  In 2005, The Whiskey Decision released one full length LP, Slow Horse, in 2005, along with a handful of other singles.

We all know about whiskey decisions. The flip-flopping. The memory loss. The grief. Slow Horse isn’t full of regret, though. It is, however, a moody mother. Opening with an aural attack of “Automatic,” the Austin-via-Flagstaff, Ariz., trio dives into angry lounge (“W.H.Y.D.F.M.L.?”), pop (“Cynthia Said”), fuck-you punk rock, and “The Emo Song.” The Decision could play any venue in town. As long as they have a full bar.
***The Austin Chronicle