Through the Daze, by Thirsty Curses (vinyl record)


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Through the Daze by Thirsty Curses (2023) –  12″ LP Vinyl best of compilation from Thirsty Curses’ first four albums (To The Ends of The Earth (2022), Thirsty Curses (2019), All Shook Up (2018), and Holy Moly (2017)).

Through the Daze is Thirsty Curses’ vinyl debut and features fourteen of the band’s songs including “Bruises On Your Shoulders”, “Nothing Really Matters”, “Smash/Hit”, “Slice of Paradise”, and many more.

Due out in July 2023 from Fake Chapter Records.

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Through the Daze is a vinyl record compilation of Thirsty Curses’ first four albums.  Released 7/7/23 on Fake Chapter Records.

Track listing:
Side One:

  1. Ooh Rah Rah
  2. Cold Black Ink
  3. I Can’t Keep Up
  4. Dimlit Cathedral
  5. Slice of Paradise
  6. Exile
  7. A Baptist and a Rabbi

Side Two

  1. Bruises on Your Shoulders
  2. What the Hell?
  3. Nothing Really Matters
  4. Smash/Hit
  5. Down & Out
  6. Vera
  7. Racing Through the Daze


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