Thirsty Curses (self-titled album), CD, 2019


Thirsty Curses by Thirsty Curses is the band’s 3rd studio album, and label debut (Spectra Music Group).

“Thirsty Curses did it all absolutely right and smashed it out of the park with this album. This one is a true winner.” -Vents Magazine

“Each track of this album refuses to hide raw emotion from the weight of life, but also leaves traces of hope between the lyrics. “Thirsty Curses” is like shifting clouds in a foggy winter day that invite temporary beams of light to shine through the gloom.” -Official Fame Magazine

“There is some phenomenal songwriting on this album. In every song, the lyrics flow and swing together extremely harmoniously, creating a sense of continuity and balance that lets you just sink deep into the music.” – 88.1 WKNC (North Carolina)



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