All Shook Up, by Thirsty Curses, CD or download (2018)


Thirsty Curses’ second studio album. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Mitch Easter.

“As schizophrenic as their genre influences seems to be, the one common denominator is that I dig every single track I’m hearing… I defy you not to get hooked by the track “Dimlit Cathedral.”- Dying Scene

“The band has an eclectic sound that touches on everything from punk rock to folk. They sound like a cross between the Avett Brothers and Rise Against. On their new album that diverse sound is delightfully all over the place. For the first time in a while, we listened through the album and struggled to choose which song to pick as the Indie Song of the Day because it’s all pretty damn good.” – Alternative Addiction

“Wild materials operate in this act, a kind of insurgency that reminds me a little of early Kings of Leon but a countrier dimension. Perhaps a little Clap Your Hands Say Yeah going by the slightly demented singing. And all railroading by Johnny Cash knocking out the rhythm, yep this is a track with plenty of facades, personalities with even room for a little Undertones before it closes. I like its action jackson approach and though there was never a moment of transcendence it still made for escapism of the highest order.” – MP3Hugger



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