Following several years of personal upheaval, singer-songwriter Wilson Getchell moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2016 with an eye towards starting a band to flesh out several years of backlogged material. Getchell was initially joined by Tradd Yancey on drums, David “Keebler” Henry on bass, and Kelley Otwell on lead guitar, and Thirsty Curses emerged as the vehicle for Getchell’s songwriting and creative output.

In early 2017, Thirsty Curses released its debut record, Holy Moly.  The title track, “Holy Moly” became a minor hit and began to garner the band some local and regional attention.  As a result, Thirsty Curses began embarking on sporadic regional tours, which was capped by a semi-national tour that featured shows in numerous major eastern and Midwestern cities. 

In February 2018, Thirsty Curses entered the studio to record its sophomore album with legendary producer Mitch Easter. Prior to the record, Kelley Otwell took a temporary hiatus from the band and was replaced by Kevin See. In August 2018, Thirsty Curses released All Shook Up, which put on full display Thirsty Curses’ diverse musical influences and sound, as All Shook Up ranges from indie rock/pop to pissed off punk rock to progressive rock, but does so with a keen attention to song craft that engages listeners across numerous audiences and demographics.  Indeed, as was noted by Johnny X of Dying Scene“As schizophrenic as their genre influences seems to be, the one common denominator is that I dig every single track I’m hearing.”  All Shook Up features the singles “Exile“, “Dimlit Cathedral“, and “Get Lost“. 

In May 2018 drummer Yancey and bassist Henry left Thirsty Curses and were replaced by Phil Harrington and Rush Otwell, respectively, with Kelley Otwell rejoining Thirsty Curses on lead guitar.  Thirsty Curses is currently performing locally and regionally and working on new material. 

For booking, etc., contact thirstycurses@gmail.com; 703-314-9410