Thirsty Curses is a rock n’ roll band defined by its genre blending songwriting, quick-witted lyrics, and energetic live performances. Among the group’s healthy repertoire are tracks like the fervent “Holy Moly” and the more melodic and subdued “Neon Sign.” Thirsty Curses’ sound hovers somewhere between punk, grunge, alt-country, prog rock, and folk.

The band consists of Wilson – vox, guitar/keys; Kevin – lead guitar; Keebler – bass; and Tradd – drums. As a group, we do a lot of fun things together, like play music, drink beer, travel and break things. When we’re not doing band stuff, we enjoy pursuing our individual interests. Tradd plays with dinosaurs dolls. Keebler drives like an asshole. Wilson is a general nuisance, and Kevin enjoys cleaning his apartment. We’re a great group of guys doing our part.

For booking, please use the contact form or email us at thirstycurses@gmail.com