Thirsty Curses:

Wilson Getchell – guitar, piano, vocals
Clayton Herring – bass guitar
Aaron Neal – drums
Marty Yermack - lead guitar 

For Fans of:     The Replacements, Deer Tick, Weezer, Jeff Rosenstock, Guided by Voices, Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Old 97s, Ben Folds, Queen, The Beatles…

Thirsty Curses was formed in 2017 by Wilson Getchell and has featured a rotating cast of musicians with Getchell and bassist Clayton Herring serving as the two mainstays. Thirsty Curses currently consists of Getchell, Herring, and Manash Shrestha (drums), featuring Ryan Wooten on lead guitar.  Thirsty Curses’ songs are both impassioned and sardonic; comical and foreboding, and often deal with heavy subjects but generally feature a humorous nudge and wink to the audience. Thirsty Curses has released four albums:  Holy Moly (2017), All Shook Up (2018), Thirsty Curses (2019), and To the Ends of the Earth (2022).

For booking, etc., contact thirstycurses@gmail.com; 703-314-9410