Thirsty Curses is a rock band from Raleigh that’s “too good to be this anonymous” -The Big Takeover

Thirsty Curses make rock’n’roll, with a boisterous beer-swilling edge to it. Many of these songs are about living it up while things fall apart at the seams, or at least trying to find some glory in chaos and meaninglessness. ” -YES! Weekly

Our BEST OF vinyl compilation, Through the Daze, is now available! Order now at the Thirsty Curses Store or via Fake Chapter Records!


Latest single “I Never Learn” is available wherever you stream music!

Punk Rock Ruined My Life” Out Now!!

“…raw, honest, fuzzy, and at times, some of the vocals almost sound like meows. Intrigued yet..?”Girl at the Rock Shows

This is likely to be in your head for a while after hearing it so be prepared to find yourself singing ‘punk rock made me weird’ whilst you’re at the bus stop” –Punktuation Mag