Digital High Music Blog  – Blurb on Thirsty Curses “Dimlit Cathedral” Single.
– on this teaser track from their second studio album Greetings From Grand Rapids, the North Carolina quartet ratchet up the catchy, with a lively mix of foot stomping rhythms and vocal harmonies.

New Jersey Stage: Sights and Sound of Note – Blurb on “Holy Moly” Single

Thirsty Curses is an eclectic four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Raleigh, NC. Like a tall glass of water they satisfy on their latest single “Holy Moly” that is an infectious blend of rock and punk infused with southern charm – we swear!

The Big Takeover – Review of Holy Moly Record

“Nomadic songwriter Wilson Getchell (Wall-Eyed) lands in North Carolina to form the perfect band for his eclectic talent.

Holy Moly not only stands out as Getchell’s best songsmithing to date, but also his best sounding recording. Right away, “Ooh Rah Rah” kicks things off with a stomping ferocity featuring the gritty lead guitar of Kelley Otwell, whose virtuosity clearly marks the entire album, especially in the following “War to Wage” where his strings become heavy psychedelic bliss. The songs progress, marking bassist Keebler and drummer Tradd Yancey as extremely versatile musicians while exploring the various elements of Americana that clearly mark Getchell’s passionate, emotional sound. It’s the album he’s been waiting to make his entire career.

In this age of anxiety and distrust, it’s nice to sit back with a beer and just sink into music. Thirsty Curses have provided just that.”

Independent Clauses – Review of “Holy Moly” Single

“‘Holy Moly‘ – Thirsty Curses. This super-charged indie-rock tune has the whoa-ohs of street punk, the thrashing drums of a rock band, and country touches in the vocals. Yet there remains an overall sense that this could have been a folk tune at one point, albeit in a slower tempo. It’s a blast to hear lead singer Wilson Getchell belt out, “HOOOO-lllly MOOOO-llllyyyyy” in the chorus.”