Thirsty Curses is a rock n’ roll band defined by its genre blending songwriting, quick-witted lyrics, and energetic live performances. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based band is guitarist/pianist Wilson Getchell, drummer Tradd Yancey, bassist David James “Keebler” Henry, and lead guitarist Kevin See. Among the group’s healthy repertoire are tracks like the fervent “Holy Moly” and the more melodic and subdued “Neon Sign.” Thirsty Curses’ music explores layers of rock, blues, Americana, folk, and punk, with banging guitars, permeating pianos, and emotive lyrics.

All told, Thirsty Curses’ music is both impassioned and sardonic; comical and foreboding, as the band uses humor and sarcasm to address complicated and personal subjects. Moreover, Thirsty Curses brings an exuberance to their performances, which elevates their live shows to something more akin to a raucous party. In short, Thirsty Curses is a whole lot of fun.

For booking, please use the contact form or email us at thirstycurses@gmail.com